Meeting to Discuss New Local Hunger Initiative

In recent years our local area has seen more and more people in need of food assistance.  Luckily, the Line Mountain Area Food Bank is ready and willing to assist those that are hungry.  Unfortunately, due to a number of circumstances, those most at risk often times slip through the cracks.  Over the last few school years, very successful programs in both the Millersburg Area and Upper Dauphin School District’s have addressed one particular problem…making sure that students in need will always have at least one meal every day they are not at school during the school year.  Students that qualify for free and reduced lunches are provided with small bags of food each Friday, enough for lunch on Saturday and Sunday, so that no matter where they are, and no matter what the circumstances of their families, they can always eat.  Recognizing this great need in our own community, our church has stepped up to begin the process of looking into the feasibility of supporting or leading a similar program for students in the Line Mountain Elementary School.  After initial contact with representatives from the school proved very positive, we will be meeting with leaders of the program in Millersburg to ask questions and discuss our options.  This meeting will take place at the beginning of the regular monthly Church Council meeting on November 14 at 7:00PM in the Schoolhouse.  Anyone interested in this project is encouraged to attend.  It will be a large undertaking, but we are committed to seeing that no child in our local area needs to worry about where a meal will come from on the weekends.  We encourage everyone to attend this very important meeting.

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