News from the Stone Valley Cemetery Association

At the October 16, 2019 meeting of the Association, a vote passed to increase the cost of plots for non-members to $500 each. This increase is effective January 1, 2020. Any sales that were in the processes of being completed before that time will be honored at the old price. Plot prices for members in good standing of the Zion Stone Valley Church remain unchanged at $200.

The Stone Valley Cemetery Association is in the process of updating our records.  We realize that family situations change over the years, and plot ownership can end up in limbo following divorces, separations, etc.  In an effort to prevent ownership questions down the line, we are offering an opportunity for anyone currently possessing plots in the Cemetery to attach specific names to each plot, and to transfer plots as necessary to specific people in the case of family separations or other circumstances.

If you currently own plots in the Cemetery and would like to update your records, we ask that you please fill out a form available in the back of the church and give it to any Association board member (Butch, Mark, Ron, Robert R., Jeremy or Truman) so that we can update our records.  This should be done BEFORE APRIL 1, 2020.  Any changes in ownership made after April 1, 2020 will incur a fee of $20 per plot.  Following the update to our records, an amended Perpetual Care Agreement will be provided with the new information for your records.

Please remember that your Perpetual Care Agreement is an important document and should be considered for transfer in your Last Will and Testament if you or your spouse will not be using all of the plots you own.  If no specific written instructions are available regarding the ownership of plots where the original owner(s) are deceased or otherwise unable to provide direction, the individual in procession of the original Perpetual Care Agreement will assume ownership of the unused plots.

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