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Holy Week Services

We welcome everyone to join us as we remember the events of Jesus’ last days on this Earth, followed by the most Holy celebration of Easter Sunday.

Our Maundy Thursday Remembrance service will be held at Salem-Zion Pillow at 7:00 on April 14. We remember this evening the Last Supper and the commandment “Eat, this is my body, In Remembrance of Me.” Drink, for this is the cup of the New Covenant shed for the forgiveness of sins, In Remembrance of Me.”

Good Friday remembrances begin at 1:00PM in the parking lot across from the Pillow Historical Society (former Lutheran church). Those assembled will process through town, making stops along the way to hear the story of the parade into Jerusalem and the carrying of the cross to Calvary, to Jesus’ time on the Cross. We will then gather as a community at St. Paul’s Church, Urban for a most solemn service to memorialize the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This service begins at 7:00PM.

Our week continues with the Easter Vigil Fire beginning at 6:00PM at Salem-Zion, Pillow. The lighting of the Vigil Fire is important to the Celebration of The Resurrection. This is a time to remember the foretold story of a Savior beginning with our Hebrew ancestors up to the time of Jesus’ death and Rising, The Pascha “Passover”. From this Vigil Fire we will take a flame that will be used at each congregation of the Parish to light anew the Paschal Candle.

We will conclude with the most holy service of our Christian year, the Celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on Sunday morning, April 17 at 10:30AM. Communion will be served.

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