Drive In Worship- Pentecost Celebration with Word and Sacrament- Holy Communion at Salem-Zion Church of Pillow, PA. 10:00AM; May 31, 2020.

You are welcome to come worship in the out of doors sanctuary. People gather in their vehicles. We invite you to bring your lawn chairs to sit outside your vehicles in nice weather.

We continue to adhere to the CDC Guidelines of social distancing and also the wearing of masks. We practice these because of our LOVE of Neighbor as Jesus calls us to do.

The Sacrament of communion will be served from commercially packaged “communion on the go” containers that will be given to each in attendance before worship begins by our Greeters who will be wearing gloves and masked.

Those of you who will be worshiping virtually are invited to prepare your own communion by having bread and juice from the vine at your seating place. As the Body and Blood are consecrated with prayer we will also call upon the Holy Spirit to be among us and consecrate and make holy the communion each of you have at your homes as we consecrate the communion on the altar.

A worship bulletin/program has been prepared and can be found on this website. You are invited to print a hard copy for yourself or download it to your device- tablet/ iPad/ smart phone so you can participate in the worship more fully in the responses and music.

Come for you are invited to experience the Wind of the Holy Spirit and join us at the Banquet Table.

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